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- A show prefix and breeder's credit is required for any pups born here at December. Please use the prefix "Dec" or "December" when showing, and credit Lee @ December as the breeder when displaying on crew sites.
- MPA or delete only. Do not sell, auction or put up for download. Please MPA with their show prefix/breeders info.
- Eyelid hexing, sex-swapping, and Petz 5 to Petz 3/4 conversions welcome (will likely require extra breedfiles, however).
- Adopt as many as you want!
- Perry will be sad if you break the rules.
- MPA may have different rules which apply. They will be sent as a copy with that particular pet.

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Who will be sad if you break the rules? -

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Note that it may take up to a week to recieve a reply!

Need the additional breedfiles that may be required?

Download the Petz 5 Unibreeds here:
German Shepherd | Jack Russell | Papillon

Download the Cheetah Kennelz Border Collie Breedfile here:
Petz 4 | Petz 5

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